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Cooper Standard is a world leading Michigan-based automotive supplier of components for the automotive sector such as seals, fuel and brake lines, and plastic components

Using eviXscan HD Quadro to improve production times of new molds and tools has reduced development time and saved costs significantly.


Reverse engineering

Cooper Standard introduced an eviXscan 3D solution into their maintenance section. The use of 3D scanning enabled restoration of technical documentation of molds used in production. Now, preparation of new forms and tools is not only faster, but above all, much less expensive by producing them in their factory tooling department or outsourcing their production to external suppliers. As a result of implementing an eviXscan 3D solution, Cooper Standard has shortened production time of such elements by 400%, and lowered costs by 500%.

Quality control

The use of 3D scanning in the Quality Control department ensures the highest quality of products by comparing them to the CAD models supplied by the customer.  Thanks to the use of 3D scanning Cooper Standard has the full confidence that their products meet the highest standards of the automotive industry, and that the product quality is in line with the expectations of their customer. Implementation of an eviXscan 3D solution enabled precise quality control of rubber products, and shortened the measuring time by 300%.


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