eviXscan 3d


Medgal is a manufacturer of orthopaedic implants and medical intruments.  By using an eviXscan 3D scanner, their are able to reduce production time and costs.


Reverse engineering

Our partner uses a 3D scanner in the design and modelling of implants. Emerging implants and prosthesis are accurately matched to the patient. Because they can now recreate the geometry of existing implants, the R&D department can conduct research aimed at the refinement of existing implants and thereby improves the condition of their patients. A wide range of their own designs allows the company to attract new customers and continue the systematic development of their products. Implementation of 3D scanning in the design process significantly shortens the time and reduces cost of final product.

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Wyvern Industrial Technology is an authorized distributor for the eviXscan 3D range

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