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Rosinski manufactures a range of plastic packaging for a wide variety of companies in the food and personal care sectors.  Using an eviXscan 3D scanner in their quality control process has allowed them to improve overall quality whislt reducing inspection time significantly.


Reverse engineering

With implementation of an eviXscan 3D solution the company has gained a tool that provides support to orders that they previously could not accept due to lack of the technical documentation from the customer. A reference product is provided by the customer, scanned, a CAD model is made from the scans and finally, a production mold is prepared. The use of 3D scanning technology significantly reduced preparation time of molds and tools necessary in production.

Quality control

The use of eviXscan 3D Pro+ scanner in the quality control department allows for precise control of the quality of finished products by comparing them to original CAD models supplied by customers. This allows the company to be confident that products meet the expectations of the contracting customers. Implementation of eviXscan 3D solutions enabled precise quality control of finished products and shortened time to production by 300%.

Rapid prototyping

The use of 3D scanning in the R&D department has allowed lower cost and faster improvement of molds and tools used in production. Modifying tools and form prototypes takes place twice as fast, which directly accelerates the start-up of commercial production of customer products – generating substantial savings.

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