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eviXscan 3d


ZRE is an energy company that offers overhaul and repair of gas and steam turbines.  Using an eviXscan 3d system on turbine blades has allowed them to imprve quality and reduce costs.


Quality control

The use of 3D scanning in their quality control department enabled precise measuring of steam turbine blades. By using the eviXscan 3D Heavy Duty scanner that scanning process can take place under conditions too harsh for other measuring devices. Our specially designed Heavy Duty scanner lets them scan in almost any environmental conditions.

Because they can perform quality control in the repair and production hall, time and the associated costs have been reduced by 150%. Detailed results of quality control are presented in the form of colour deviation maps. Thanks to the accuracy of these reports the Quality Control department is able to correlate the impact of working time to the level of erosion rate of steam turbine blades. This allows the company to optimally use its production capabilities for better planning of manufacturing and repair services.

Reverse engineering & rapid prototyping

Thanks to 3D scanning and precise quality control, the R&D department now has the ability to recover CAD models from used steam and gas turbines blades. After recreating a CAD model, the company produces a new replacement in the factory tooling department or performs a remodelling process to improve the part performance and wear resistance.

In this way, through the use of an eviXscan 3D solution, ZRE Katowice has expanded its range of services and products. Being able to offer repair and improvement of worn parts has created a whole new revenue stream for the business.

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