Flexible and Ergonomic Part Flushing


Easy and flexible part flushing

The CCB Rinse Cabinet allows for easy rinsing of parts ready for cleanliness analysis using an inspection system like ParticleView 4.

Equipped with adjustable height operation using a foot pedal, it can be used easily by people of different heights, while the articulated touchscreen HMI means changing settings can be done in seconds.

Optimally designed wash area

The CCB Rinse Cabinet is designed to make most small and medium parts easily washable, whilst the hydrophobic coating ensures the best possible results.

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Proven performance

The CCB Rinse Cabinet can be configured to operate with either water based or solvent based solutions, meaning that whatever cleanliness standard you operate to, your parts will be suited to it.

With installations in multiple facilities across multiple countries, it is a proven solution that is integral to cleanliness laboratories around the globe.

Easy to Use Interface

The touchscreen HMI interface is easy to use and includes both metric and US units.  This means that it can be adjusted dynmically depending upon your part requirements so if you have multiple requirements in one facility, no problem!  Warnings and status are indicated in real time, whilst rinse times and flow rates are easily set.

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A turn key technical cleanliness lab including ParticleView 4

Also available as a total lab solution

As with our entire technical cleanliness range, CCB Rinse Cabinet can be integrated as a total lab solution.  If you're not sure where to start with your technical cleanliness strategy - no problem, we're here to help!  We can advise on the best strategies and best equipment for the job.

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