Intelligent Particle Counting System

ParticleView 4 provides quick and easy particle analysis for all recognized tehnical cleanliness standards

Have confidence in your cleanliness analysis

  • High speed, efficient and easy to use
  • Customizable Microsoft Excel reports
  • Handles filters from 25mm-90mm
  • Conforms to ISO4406, ISO16232, VDA19.1 et al

80% of wear in mechanical systems is caused by small particles

A study by the National Research Council of Canada has shown that over 80% of wear and tear in mechanical systems is caused by small particles.  By quantifying and identifying such contamination, significant improvements can be observed:

  • Improved product performance
  • Reduced in-field failures
  • Greater component lifecycle
  • Better environmental performance
  • Enhanced environmental conditions for shop floor operatives
Small particles can cause unexpected problems.  Identify, quantify and eliminate them with ParticleView 4

Proven performance

ParticleView 4 has been designed with performance in mind.  Built in collaboration with major vehicle manufacturers, it offers quick and efficient analysis that has been proven extensively in labs across the world.  Continual development and updates ensure that the system continues to provide excellent performance for a wide range of requirements.

Easy to Use software

ParticleView 4's software offers a wide range of features to enable wase of use and allows operators to quickly select particle size thresholds along with material type.  Learning the software takes minimal time thanks to the easy to use interface.  Reports are equally easy to interpret thanks to a range of customization options and template layouts.

ParticleView 4's easy to use interface
A turn key technical cleanliness lab including ParticleView 4

Also available as a total lab solution

ParticleView 4 can be installed as part of a full cleanliness laboratory, including rinse cabinet, analysis systems, intruments and interior, all delivered as a turn-key package.


Filter size:  47mm, 90mm

Measuring Resolution:  0.35um, 0.7um, 1.4um

Lenses:  5x, 10x, 20x

Supported Standards:  ISO4406, ISO16232, VDA19.1

Inspection Speed: Full inspection from 4 mins

Camera Resolution:  5 Megapixel

Unit Dimensions:  600mm x 600mm x 600mm

Unit Weight:  13Kg (29lb)

Output Format:  Microsoft Excel

Measuring Units:  mm, inch

Operating Voltage: 110v-240v, 10A


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