Full Cleanliness Lab Configurations

A turn key technical cleanliness lab including ParticleView 4

A Turnkey Solution

Are you looking to implement an effective technical cleanliness solution in your facility?  If so, we can help:  All you need is the space to put it and we can help you prepare the rest.

Having to visit multiple vendors and create a piecemeal approach is time consuming and often ineffective.  Instead, we can help provide flushing and analysis equipment.  We can also make recommendations in terms of implementation of facilities and other aspects making the process seamless and stress free.

Benefit from our experience

Maybe you're just getting started with trying to find a solution to technical cleanliness and particle analysis.  Perhaps you're overwhelmed.  We can help take that worry away.  Whatever your experience level is, we can tailor a solution that fits your needs and we can recommend equipment, strategy and best practice.

When your setup is complete, you can be confident it will be successful and beneficial with our support.

finished product

With you from start to finish

From the start, we work with you to establish your requirements and determine what level of support you need - and then we deliver.

Even after we successfully complete your lab solution, we're here for your support and to provide ongoing assistance so that your lab continues to benefit your business for years to come.

We're not just an equipment supplier

We offer the distinct advantage of being able to supply test and rinsing equipment to you from a single source.  To add to that benefit, we can also provide advice and consultancy.  If we don't supply elements of a project that you need, not a problem - we will provide unbiased recommendation, too, ensuring that the ultimate solution you have is exactly what you need.


Jargon Free

We understand that this might be one of many areas you have to focus on in your business.  We pride ourselves in using plain language, not trying to blind you with science, use elaborate acronyms, or talk in excessively technical language.

Of course, if you prefer to talk technical, we're happy to do that, too: Just know that we'll always be focussed on ensuring that our communication is conducted in a way that works for you.

Want to know more?

We're always happy to discuss your requirements, potential applications and talk through concepts to help improve productivity and quality

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