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Flexible Rental Options Designed to Fit Your Plans

If you are looking to add measurement capacity, test a new process or work on a short project, we have a solution for you.

We have a range of equipment available for rental, and a range of different rental options.  Just let us know your needs and we can help you choose the right path.

Rental is available of a wide range of the systems we supply and support, so contact us today and we can determine how best to fulfil your requirements.


Short Term Rental

If you have a short term project, or temporary lack of capacity, a short term rental could be the best option.  Simply use the equipment for the perion of time you need, and then return.  Rental periods can usually be extended if projects overrun, increasing flexiblity.

Rental with onsite service

If you're not familiar with the equipment you intend to use, we can also operate it for you.  This could either be short term, enabling you to learn operation, or for the duration of your project.


Longterm Rental with Purchase Option

If you are renting equipment for a longer project, or over a period where you are awaiting budget approval for purchasing, we also offer longterm rental options that allow the equipment to be purchased when you are ready.  This can be beneficial in reducing costs, and ensuring that projects can start without delays of waiting for budget approval whilst still retaining a high level of flexbility.