Scan more than ever with new eviXscan3d capabilities!

As we close out another busy year, we have some exciting new developments to talk about that will make a real difference to anyone using or planning to use the already highly capably eviXscan3d range.

A brand-new software package, eviXscan 3d Suite 2.0 has been released for the ranging offering a wide range of new features. It’s available now and it makes scanning easier and more capable than ever before.

Here’s some of the headline new features:


Scan dark and shiny surfaces

Structured light scanning is often associated with being only able to scan “friendly” surfaces – that is, light coloured, and ideally matt finished.  Well no, more.  Thanks to the HDR mode on the new software, more challenging dark and shiny surfaces can be measured.

Further, both dark and light surfaces can be measured on the same part because of the ability to have multiple exposures collected in the same measurement.  That means less surface preparation and more parts that can be measured easily.

Here’s an example from an eviXscan3d customer who’s already seeing success with this method:


New target handling and alignment

When measuring with a structured light scanner, targets are often used to help collect a fuller scan of surface data.  For instance, they can allow the all sides of the same part to be measured more easily, or they can assist in scanning larger parts.

They do come with some limitations, though.  For instance, it can sometimes be hard to align multiple scans when the alignment fails.  Target alignment is greatly improved in Suite 2.0, and you can further conduct manual alignments, too.  That means if you have a scan as part of a data set where no targets are visible (perhaps the bottom of a part, for example), you can manually attach and align this data to the existing set.  This can also be useful when using a rotary table without any targets to collect scan data:  You can still reposition parts and then align the data despite the lack of targets:

If targets are used, then historically this meant having target marks on the scanned parts, which are inconvenient (and unsightly).  There’s a new tool built into the software allowing automatic removal of target marks from surfaces, meaning cleaner data for whatever use it will be required for:

This is a huge improvement that offers both capability and productivity improvements.  Combined with the additional surface capability detailed above, it means that the eviXscan 3d range is astonishingly flexible in its scanning capabilities.

Improved software performance

When you’ve got lots to scan, the quicker you can collect scan data, the better.  The new software version has optimized code, as well as now using hyperthreading, making scanning and data processing much quicker.

More speed means you get to your objective faster!

Also new is a “fast scan” mode that allows quicker scans to be taken in certain circumstances.  It uses around half the amount of structured light patterns when taking a scan, reducing data collection time from around 4 seconds to 1.5 seconds, more than doubling data acquisition speed.

All new easy to use GUI

Suite 2.0 also introduces an all new GUI.  With an easy understand layout and new button arrangements, it is quicker to use and easier to learn for new operators.

You can even alter colours of scan data, and change appearance, which will prove extremely beneficial to those who suffer from color blindness:

New tool tips and on-screen advice help explain various options, making it easier to decide which ways you want to scan are best for you:

All in, Suite 2.0 is a significant step forwards for the eviXscan3d range, adding much more capability in an easy to use package.  It’s available now for use by existing users of the range, as well as for anyone purchasing new systems.

There’s much more to the new features of the software than we can cover in one article so to find out more, to receive a demo or to talk about the range, don’t hesitate to contact us.