Metrology Systems that Deliver Results

At Wyvern, we provide metrology systems that really make a difference.  The solutions we provide are proven worldwide.  We focus on ensuring that every system we offer and every project we undertake is focussed on solving problems – your problems.

The experience and heritage in the systems we offer is your reassurance that you’ve chosen the right partner.


Relationships are the Cornerstone of Everything We Do

There is more to providing solutions than just delivering a product.  First, you must have an inherent understanding of the needs that have led to it being required.  That’s why a close relationship is always our objective.

We want to understand your business needs and understand the problems you are trying to solve.  That way we always remain focused on working together to solve them.






Never Overlook the Value of Strong Communication

Communication is incredibly important in understanding how to solve problems and make successful projects.  We pride ourselves on being approachable, easy to talk to, and being readily available when we are needed.  We also understand the importance of clear communication.

For that reason, we aim to avoid excessive use of jargon and to explain technical subjects clearly and concisely.  We understand that whilst we are delivering metrology technology, not everyone who uses it is a metrologist.  Ensuring that everyone can easily use and understand a system and the results it provides is a big passion of ours.

Passion Delivers Real Added Value

We’re passionate about metrology.  We believe it can deliver real improvements to products, processes and understanding when it is delivered well.

Our passion means we are always looking for ways to innovate, to be creative and to apply technology in new ways that can help improve quality, productivity and efficiency.  To us, that delivers tangible benefits not just to companies using our systems, but the people working within them and their customers, too.




Perfectly Located for Quick Response

Based in Atlanta, GA, we are ideally positioned to serve the North American market providing systems, solutions and service to a wide range of companies that rely on high performance rotary geometry systems.

Our close relationship with our primes ensures smooth, seamless service and readily available expertise delivered quickly and communicated clearly.

What Now?

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