Our innovative, world leading metrology and positioning solutions help improve product quality, producivity and efficiency in a wide variety of industries.


Automotive customers use our equipment in a wide range of ways, including using the eviXscan3d range for Quality and Inspection, increasing CMM throughput with the Quadrant range, and sensor testing and positioning using the LabStandard precision rotary table.

Car plant

Aero Engine

Aircraft engines run more efficiently and are built and maintained more quickly when they are measured using our iMap and GeoInspec systems.

CMM & Metrology

CMMs (Coordinate Measurement Machines) benefit from our Quadrant range of rotary tables which improve measurement speed, reduce measurement uncertainty and increase capacity.

From CMM OEMs to end users to service companies, our customers benefit from decades of CMM integration heritage.



Our iMap systems are used extensively in the energy sector to maximise product performance.  Typically systems are used in steam and gas turbine manufacture at OEM and Tier 1 level as well as in the MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul) sector.

Because of the high load capacities of our systems, we can offer flexibility and performance even on large components.

Machine Shops

Machine shops benefit from the precise shopfloor TIR inspection capabilities offered by TruMotion.

The LabStandard and LabstandardDUO also offer opportunities to increase performance and quality on turned parts.


Defense and Space

LabStandard and LabStandardDUO help defense and space companies test and improve positioning systems.


The LabStandard, LabStandardDUO, GeoOrdinate and i72 Diamond Standard range of products is used extensively in research and scientific environments

Exploded view of a JET PINI (Positive Ion Neutral Injector)


Calibration laboratories benefit from the ultra high performance of LabStandard and i72 Diamond Standard

Heavy Machinery and Plant Equipment

Uptime and reliability are vital for heavy machinery, plant and agricultural equipment.  If systems fail in the field, the cost of downtime can be extremely high, and access disruptive.  Manufacturers use ParticleView systems to ensure vital equipment is built in the correct conditions, and eviXscan to ensure that critical geometric conditions are met.



Airframe manufacturers and their supply chain benefit from the precision 3D scanning capabilities of the eviXscan range, along with the improvements in subsystem performance introduced by ParticleView.

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