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Ultra accurate.  Ultra flexible.

i72 DiamondStandard sets the bar for precision indexers.  With angular accuracy as great as 0.5 arcseconds (0.0001 degrees) and angular repeatbility of 0.2 arcseconds (0.00006 degrees), it offers exceptionally good performance in a small, yet rugged, footprint.

Designed to be used in shop floor environments, including for on-machine rotary axis calibration, i72 DiamondStandard sets the standard in performance, accuracy and flexibility.

Easy to Use

i72 is exceptionally easy to use.  Supplied with intuitive software, you simply use a standard Windows PC to control movement and interaction.  Operation and use of the machine is learned in minutes, and can be conducted anywhere thanks to the small footprint of the unit and low system requirements of the software.

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Shop Floor Ready

i72 DiamondStandard is designed to work in harsh shop floor environments.  That means you know it will perform to its exceptional accuracy standard whether it's being used to calibrate a machine tool or in for positioning and testing in the lab.

Flexibility Comes as Standard

i72 DiamondStandard is designed to be flexible.  Its small footprint means it can be used in a wide array of applications.  The indexing unit is light enough to be installed in many different environments, including on other rotary axes.

One key feature that sets this flexibility apart from other designs is the ability to insall the unit in multiple orientations.  Not only can it be used horizontally and vertically, it can even be used upside down with no loss of performance!

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Great integration options

i72 DiamondStandard can be easily integrated with other systems to create a powerful inspection or testing solution.

The system uses simple text commands to control movement, and these can be sent via third party software.  This means i72 DiamondStandard can integrate with measuerment systems, other positioning systems, and logging systems with minimal development work.

A Proven Solution

With thousands of installations worldwide, i72 DiamondStandard has proven itself to be supremely reliable and supremely accurate for many years.

Developed by RPI, a world leader in precision rotary instruments, you should expect nothing less.


Key Benefits

  • Compatible with a wide range of measurement devices
  • 72 Indexable Positions
  • Reduced Inspection Times
  • Multiple Inspection Applications
  • Supports full automation

Typical Applications

The i72 DiamondStandard has been designed to be a fully flexible system capable of operation in 4 orientations including horizontal, vertical or even upside down to cope with all manner of rotary axis applications and is fully compatible with any shop floor environment whilst maintaining world class accuracies more commonly seen in the standards laboratory

Technical Specifications

  • Range (Degrees):     360
  • Rotation error of table top (mm):     0.002
  • Flatness of table top (mm):     0.002
  • Parallelism (mm):     0.005
  • Radial runout of table axis (mm):     0.005
  • Concentricity of centre bore (mm):    0.01
  • Squareness of spindle face (mm):     0.006
  • Indexing Accuracy (Arc seconds)  +/-0.5
  • Repeatability (Arc seconds):     0.2
  • Max load moment (lbin):  28.5
  • Load capacity (lb):     11
  • Table weight (lb):     9
  • Max rpm:     2
  • Operating temp (Farenheit):     50-86

(Note - Specifications vary depending upon options specified.  Please view product PDF for more detailed technical data)