Our products are used for a wide range of industrial applications.  Here's some more information about a few of them:

Turbine Circular Geometry

Aerospace and energy turbines run more efficiently and are built and maintained more quickly when they are measured using our iMap and GeoInspec systems.  That's because the systems provide highly accurate shop floor measurement of circular geometry features such as runout, circular flatness, parallelism and roundness.

CMM 4th Axis

CMMs are extensively used my many manufacturers.  So extensively, in fact, that often there is an inspection bottleneck caused by this.  By adding a Quadrant rotary table to a CMM, inspection times are dramatically improved, increasing workflow and productivity.

Sensor Testing

The extremely high precision of our rotary devices means they are ideal for performing tests on tilt sensors, positional sensors, and gyroscopes.  We offer solutions that allow one sensor to be tested or many simultaneously for maximum efficiency.

Rotary Axis Calibration

i72 Diamond Standard offers the high levels of accuracy that are required for calibrating rotary axes.  It can be used in multiple orientations, too, offering great flexibility.


Precision positioning

If you need to perform rotary precision positioning and indexing, we have a product to suit all requirements.  From large to small, all our products offer world leading accuracy and are suitable for the shop floor.

3D Quality Control

The eviXscan 3D range is ideal for Quality Control, and can be combined with Geomagic Control X software to enable easy to use color deviation maps to show how parts are performing.


3D Scan to print

If you're looking for a simple, inexpensive way to collect scan data with which to create 3D prints, the eviXscan Heavy Duty Basic 3D scanner is the ideal tool for you.

Reverse engineering

If you need to conduct reverse engineeing of your products, The eviXscan 3D range is ideal.   By implementing a system alongside Geomagic Design X, you can easily create high quality CAD models of items, where previously one was not available.

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Want to know more?

There are many more applications we've worked on, so if you'd like to talk more about your requirements or any of these, don't hesitate to ask.

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