Test Tilt Sensors Quickly and Easily

When it comes to testing tilt sensors, positional sensors and gyroscopes, we have a range of solutions designed to offer the perfect solution to this challenge.

From measuring individual sensors to multiple sensors simultaneously, we have a solution that meets your needs.

Find out more about the options available below.

Test Multiple Sensors At Once

Using a highly accurate LabStandard, we can measure multiple sensors simultaneously.  LabStandard is equipped with a granite base and a custom designed mount to enable the sensors to be tested at once.

The test program is operated via an easy-to-use touchscreen interface, making it easy for anyone to conduct tests.  LabStandard can be installed anywhere making it an ideal solution for either the shop floor or a testing environment with no need for any design changes between the two.

sensor testing multiple
labstandard accuracy

Test Individual Sensors

For individual sensor testing, a standard LabStandard configuration can be used.  Because LabStandard is designed to be positioned horizontally or vertically, it is a flexble solution which can be used for a variety of applications.

For simple tests, an i72 DiamondStandard is another option for testing.  Like the LabStandard, it is designed to be operated in both the vertical and horizontal positions, and offers an angular repeatability of as little as +/-0.2 arcseconds.

i72 DiamondStandard is also portable and lightweight, supplied in its own flight case.  That means if you need to conduct tests in multiple locations, it is an ideal solution.

Multi Axis Testing

If you need to conduct multiple axis sensor testing, LabStandard DUO is the ideal solution.  Based upon the same proven design heritage as the LabStandard, it provides an additional rotational axis of 0-180°.

Multiple or individual sensors can be mounted, and the same easy to use touchscreen interface can be implemented.

S-LabStandard pic2

Solution Benefits

  • Excellent accuracy and repeatability

    • Angular accuracy as good as +/-0.5 arcseconds (0.0001°)
    • Angular repeatability as good as +/-0.2 arcseconds (0.00006°)
  • Designed to be used in shop floor environment without any loss of performance
  • Portable solutions available
  • Extremely high duty cycle
  • Easy to operate and program
  • Flexible range can be customized to suit most requirements