Flexible Hand Held Tensionometer


DynoTester+ is a handheld tensiometer that is designed to be used quickly and easily in a multitude of industrial applications.  With its robust design and wide range of accessory options, it is ideally suited to shop floor environments.


Quick Access to Precision Measurements

DynoTester+ is fast and precise.  A measurement typically takes just seconds with results immediately displayed on the interface as soon as the process is completed.  The unit is automatically calibrated using water, meaning total confidence in every use.

Flexibility For Your Application

DynoTester+ offers excellent flexibility, with options designed to make customizing it to your application easy.  Parameters can be adjusted to suit whatever fluid type you are inspecting, whilst up to 25 profiles can be stored enabling easy deployment in a variety of conditions.  Upper and lower specification limits can be defined, enabling users to see when conditions require attention.

Measured values can also be downloaded to the optional ProcessLog Windows software for storage and report creation.


Robust Design for Shop Floor Use

The patented capillary design is optimized for process use, whilst the device housing is designed to be robust and long lasting, making this the ideal tool for shop floor use.  The battery lasts for up to 10 hours of use, meaning that it can be used for more than a shift before recharging.

Portability for use in Multiple Environments

DynoTester+ is light and easy to use.  It's also supplied in an ergononimcally designed transport case, which makes it easy to move around your facility - or to take to additional facilities - whenever you need to.


Typical Applications

DynoTester+ is an ideal tool for helping improve product quality in a wide range of situations. Popular applications include:

  • Ensuring the correct conditions of cleaning baths, enabling more efficient and timely fluid changes
  • Checking the wetting agent concentration of electroplating baths
  • Quality control of inkjet inks, paints, and lacquers
  • Measuring liquid surface tension

Operating Principle

DynoTester+ is based on the bubble pressure method for measuring the dynamic surface tension of liquids.

The principle of the bubble pressure method is that an air stream is lead through a capillary into the liquid being analyzed. A sensor measures the pressure which is needed to generate a bubble.  This is then calculated and a result displayed.

As the conditions of a liquid change, the surface tension (and consequently pressure) changes, which is then precisely measured and displayed.



Surface tension
Measuring range 10-100 mN/m (dyn/cm)
Resolution 0.1 mN/m (dyn/cm)
Bubble lifetime
Adjustable range 15-20,000 ms
Resolution 1 ms
Sample temperature
Measuring range 0-100 °C (32-212°f)
Resolution 0.1 K
Power Supply
Power Supply 100-240 V
Battery (Lion, integrated) 3.6 V / 1,950 mAh
min. 10 h operating hours
Power consumption 2W max.
Interface, Storage, Dimensions, Weight
USB interface data transfer, battery charging
Display 124 x 168 pixel, illuminated
Storage 25 values/profile
Dimensions (WxHxD) 75x168x35mm (3.0x6.6x1.4in)
Weight of instrument 230g (8oz)

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