Simple and Effective Shop Floor Circular Geometry

GeoInspec offers easy access to shop floor metrology grade geometric data of your parts using RPI's proven technology.


Key Benefits

  • Fully upgradeable to iMap system
  • Quick and easy to use
  • High precision, repeatable results on the shop floor
  • Assemble and measure on the same platform
  • Flexible reporting and configuration options
S-GeoInspec pic3
S-GeoInspec pic2

Typical Applications

GeoInspec is ideal for measuring circular geometry in:

  • Aerospace turbine and component manufacture
  • Gas turbine and component manufacture
  • Aerospace MRO turbine operations
  • Gas turbine maintancance operations

Technical Specifications

  • Load Capacity (kg):     3600
  • Maximum Tilt Moment (Nm):     6000
  • Radial Runout of Table Axis (mm):     0.0001
  • Axial Runout of Table Axis (mm):     0.0001
  • Coning of Table Axis (Arc Seconds):     +/-0.25
  • Rotation Error of Table Top (mm):     0.002
  • Flatness of Table Top (mm):     0.003
  • Parallelism of Table Top to Base (mm):     0.005
  • Concentricity of Centre Bore (mm):     0.0025

(Note - Specifications vary depending upon options specified.  Please view product PDF for more detailed technical data)