Breathe New Life Into Any CMM

CMMs are a mainstay of Quality Control in many facilities, but this can sometimes cause challenges:

  • Does your CMM cause bottlenecks in your process because it is constantly in use, or because inspections take too long?
  • Are you reaching the limit of the measurable volume on your machine because of the size of your parts?
  • Would you like to improve measurement performance without replacing the entire machine?

The Quadrant rotary table range is designed specifically for metrology use, offering an array of improvements to a CMM.  Easy to retrofit to existing Coordinate Measurement Machines, and easy to specify for new machines, too.

Quadrant is based on 70 years of continual development and innovation from Rotary Precision Instruments, the leader in precision positioning systems for metrology use.  For accuracy and reliability, no other system can match it.

Unsure about which Quadrant model is best suited to your needs?  This blog article can help you!

How Quadrant benefits your CMM

Increase measureable volume

Installing a Quadrant rotay table means that you're using the working space in your CMM more efficiently.  That allows you to measure larger parts in the same area.

The low profile design of QuadSlimline2 offers even more efficient use of space and it can even be fitted with an air flotation base, allowing it to be easily moved when not in use.

Without Quadrant
Red Zone: Inaccessible measurement area for larger parts

Without Quadrant
Red Zone: Inaccessible measurement area for larger parts


With Quadrant
Green Zone: Required measurement volume for larger parts with rotary table fitted

S-CMM Mitutoyo CMM

Improve uncertainty and accuracy

CMMs usually perform at their best when they are not at the extremeties of their measurement range.  By using a Quadrant rotary table, probe travel is reduced, improving measurement performance.

Reduce inspection time

When a Quadrant rotary table is installed, probe travel time on a CMM is reduced.  The less time the probe spends traveling, the more time it can spend measuring, reducing bottlenecks!


Use on any CMM

The Quadrant range is designed to work with any CMM that supports fourth axis control, making retrofitting and installation easy.  No fourth axis in your CMM?  No problem, simply use the optional QuadMotion controller to add it.

An inexpensive way to increase CMM capacity

If you're running low on CMM capacity due to the sheer amount of measurements you need to collect, or if you need to measure larger parts than you currently can, replacing a CMM can be a costly process.  Using a Quadrant rotary table allows you to get more out of your existing CMMs, reducing capital expenditure and reducing measurement area footprint.



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The Quadrant Range


Flexible and Low Profile, QuadSlimeLine2 is the global standard for CMM rotary tables, with hundreds of installations worldwide.



QuadDualPurpose2 can operate in either vertical or horizontal orientations making it the flexible choice for a wide range of applications.



QuadProfile is small, lightweight and able to operate at up to 10rpm, making it ideal for scanning and small component measurement.



QuadUniversal is a simple, entry level unit that is easy and cost effective to implement into any metrology system.



QuadMatic is designed to fit directly into the bed of a CMM, meaning no footprint for maximum egonomics.