Particle Inspection & Technical Cleanliness

A Cleaner Part is a Better Part

It's an often overlooked area, but all evidence supports that if you want to improve longevity and performance of your parts, following a good technical cleanliness strategy is critical.

Technical Cleanliness strategies include shop floor level best practice, part traceability and storage improvement, and rigorous Quality Control techniques.

In order to have good technical cleanliness, existing and future cleanliness must be quantified, checked and compared like any other Quality Control process.

For technical cleanliness, this consists of testing, part rinsing (or cleaning) and particle analysis.  These areas help build up a picture of performance that can lead to tangible and long term improvement.

We offer equipment that can help in these areas in multiple applications, either supplied as individual pieces of equipment for instances where a partial solution is already in place to total lab setups that can take the headache out of implementation from day one.

To find out more about the range, choose one of the products listed below.

Total Lab

A turnkey technical cleanliness setup to meet your exact needs

Rinsing Sink

Easy to use rinsing sink for larger parts


Optical checking of cleaning bath contamination

Particle View 4

Fast, accurate and comprehensive particle analysis


Contact Angle Measurement System for surface cleanliness checks


Flexible handheld surface cleanliness checking

Rinse Cabinet

Ergonomic and high performance rinsing cabinet


Tensiometer for maximum cleaning bath efficiency

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