S-GeoOrdinate Application Picture 2

Precision Indexing, Delivered

GeoOrdinate is an ultra high precision indexing table designed for inspecting large volume components.  Suitable for shop floor use, GeoOrdinate offers world leading levels of accuracy and repeatability for large and awkward parts.

Key Benefits

  • World leading levels of performance allowing accuracy of up to 0.5 arcseconds on the shop floor
  • Extremely robust design for shop floor use
  • Range of controller options
  • Air flotation option to help maximize workspace efficiency
  • Motor driven
  • High load and volume capacity
  • Multiple size options available for a wide range of applications
  • Flexible tooling options available for quick part loading
S-GeoOrdinate Application Picture 1

Typical Applications

  • Angular positioning and inspection of gears
  • Light machining
  • Medium and large volume components
  • Additional measurement axis for other measurement devices
  • Simplify measurement of parts through easy - and highly accurate - positioning

Technical Specifications

  • Load Capacity (lb):     10,500
  • Maximum Tilt Moment (nm):     7000
  • Coning of Table Axis (arc seconds):     +/-0.5
  • Anguar Positioning Accuracy (arc seconds):     +/-1
  • Maximum RPM:     5
  • Maximum Polar Inertia (kgm^2):     400
  • Rotation Error of Table Top (mm):     0.002
  • Flatness of Table Top (mm):     0.003
  • Parallelism of Table Top to Base (mm):     0.o02
  • Radial Runout of Table Axis (mm):     0.0005
  • Axial Runout of Table Axis (mm):     0.0005
  • Concentricity of Center Bore (mm):     0.0025

(Note - Specifications vary depending upon options specified.  Please view product PDF for more detailed technical data)