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Precision Shop Floor Circular Geometry (TIR) Inspection for Small Components

TruMotion is the ideal system for measuring TIR on small and medium parts.  With a range of configurations, you can specify and use it exactly as you need it.  The robust design is intended for use on the shop floor, whilst offering the impressive levels of performance you'd expect of the Circular Geometry range.

Small Footprint, Portable Design

TruMotion is compact and easy to move when needed.  Weighing in at 37lbs, it can be picked up and moved by hand without the need for lifting equipment or any specialist hardware.  With TruMotion supporting parts weighing up to 110lb, it's portability isn't at the price of capability.

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Affordable and Configurable

TruMotion is a cost effective solution, offering a level of performance that surpasses its competitive pricing.  The configurable, modular nature of TruMotion means you can also upgrade measurement capability in the future, as needs change so you don't need to specify anything you don't need.

Supreme Precision

TruMotion performs in even harsh environments.  With axial and radial runout figures of 0.002mm, it is designed to offer standards room levels of performance in shop floor conditions.

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Over 70 Years of Design Heritage

TruMotion is based on the same design principles as its larger brethren, iMAP, GeoSpin and GeoInspec.  That means it benefits from more than 70 years of expertise in precision rotary measurement and positioning.

Technical Specifications

  • Load capacity (lb):     110
  • Rotation Error of Table Top (mm): 0.005
  • Flatness of Table Top (mm): 0.005
  • Parallelism of Table Top (mm): 0.02
  • Radial Runout of Table Top (mm):  0.002
  • Axial Runout of Table Top (mm): 0.002
  • Coning of Table Axis (Arc Seconds):  +/-2
  • Weight (lbs):  37