Parker Hannifin are a major manufacturer of hydraulic systems.  Manufacturing parts that have to perform to the highest levels means ensuring excellent performance and reliability that their customers expect.

Using ParticleView 4 supplied alongside a fully equipped technical cleanliness lab helps them accomplish their objectives more quickly and easily.


Parker Hannifin have been aware of the importance of technical cleanliness for improved performance for some time.

As Quality Engineer Mikael Rosman explains "We at Parker have for many years been aware of how important cleanliness has been in our hydraulic systems.  In recent years our customers have also started to put higher demands on us as a supplier.  We had a smaller lab where we tried to flush and analyze the results, but in the end our equipment felt inadequate as our customers wanted to know more about the results we obtained."

This meant investigating a suitable partner to help create a turnkey solution for them.  Most companies were able to supply individual components as part of a lab, but Parker felt this was not a viable solution.

"We looked at different suppliers of flushing cabinets and analysis equipment and realized that many suppliers only sold either flushing cabinets or analysis equipment and the knowledge of purity was different between suppliers.

NYLI had a whole concept with both flush cabinets and analytical equipment which made them more interesting.  In addition we had sent many samples for analysis to them over the years so we knew that they have knowledge of purity and about the requirements that apply to different standards regarding purity.  We have also always received good support when it comes to purity issues.  These were some parameters that made us choose NYLI as our supplier of equipment."

The technical capability of ParticleView was also considered a bonus for Parker Hannifin, too, with a number of features seperating it from alternative offerings.

"As far as Particleview is concerned, the software is easy to operate and has during the past year received a lot of updates that make it faster to do analysis with both 47 and 90 mm filters. The microscope is able to measure particles down to about 5 µm without any major problems.

Many manufacturers make microscopes and software adapted to the VDA/ISO16232 standard (particles from about 25µm upwards) which was also a deciding factor for us as a company to choose a supplier.  We needed to be able to measure from 5µm upwards (ISO4406), so that's why NYLI's concept suited us best."

Mikael concludes "In summary, I can say that I feel satisfied with the expectations and demands we had, that NYLI is the right choice of supplier in terms of results, function and support."

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