Our COVID-19 changes

Like every organization, we’re adapting our business to do our part in mitigating the spread of COVID-19 as best as we can.

Whilst there’s inevitably going to be short term disruption for us all, we’re focussed on ensuring that this is as minimal as possible whilst maintaining responsibility to our community and society as a whole.  The main points of our changes to be aware of are:



Akin to many companies, the travel situation is going to be the biggest change for us.  For the time being, we’ll be limiting travel to essential journeys only and increasing the use of video and phone meetings where we can.

When we do need to conduct onsite work or face to face meeting, we will keep the staff participating to a minimum and travel separately to encourage social distancing.  This could potentially made onsite arrival a little later than anticipated but we’ll aim to avoid that wherever we can.


Technology Use

We’re fortunate that by SME standards we’re already pretty well setup in terms of technology for remote working, video conferencing, remote support and collaborative tools.  We’ll be increasing use of these wherever we can.  In cases where our partners have preferred software for doing this, we’re happy to use these too.


Office Staffing

We’re going to make sure that there’s someone in the office during normal business office hours, but we will run attendance in shift patterns to encourage social distancing.  You shouldn’t see much of an effect because of this but be aware that this means that if you need to speak to a specific person there might be a slight delay whilst we get hold of each other.


Deliveries and lead times

We haven’t received any indication so far that we will see any significant lead time issues in the short term, but it’s definitely a possibility.  We’re going to do our best to reduce this, and to communicate it when it happens.  If you have specific deadlines to operate to, just let us know and we’ll do everything we can to accommodate.


Fitting in with your policies

Every company will have its own strategy on helping to reduce COVID-19 impact.  We want to support you in this objective so let us know if there’s ways you need us to adapt and we’ll figure out how we can work through this together.


If you’ve got any questions, suggestions, requests, concerns, or want to talk to someone to reduce the cabin fever, you can get in contact with us here.


Stay strong, stay safe, stay positive.  We will get through this together.