New features add even more power to eviXscan 3d Suite

The powerful, easy to use eviXscan 3d Suite has been updated and is now available!  Here’s an overview of some of the highlights of the new version:

  • Accurate, fast and multiway global registration
  • Merging of shells without additional smoothing operations, maintaining the initial acquired accuracy
  • Smart decimation process facilitating further processing
  • Fast mesh subdivision
  • Smoothing and mesh cleaning algorithms for better preparation of objects for 3D printing

Powerful simplicity

eviXscan 3D Suite is a software platform that delivers powerful and user-friendly tools for scanning and mesh processing within a straightforward workflow.

Clearly defined configurations and processes as well as animated wizards guide the user through all scanning steps from basic configuration to the final mesh processing, enabling significant productivity gains. Dark and shiny objects can be scanned without surface pre-treatment thanks to effective HDR capturing technology.

The software supports the entire family of eviXscan 3D precise measurement and scanning devices and allows to process third party shells in most popular formats.

With eviXscan 3D Suite the scanning process is easier and faster than ever before!

Revolutionize your scanning routines

eviXscan 3D Suite provides a graphical user interface based on Windows Presentation Foundation graphical engine, which gives users a familiar interface akin to flagship office applications.

Incorporated in the GUI, the tool viewer offers a process-oriented working environment that is clear, intuitive and easy to use.

From engineering to art, manufacturing, health care and archeology, all real objects can be effortlessly captured and transformed into digital data in an easy and comfortable way, each time assisted with guiding tooltips.

Mesh Alignment and Merging

eviXscan 3D Suite allows to align scans or imported meshes by manual N-point and Global Registration methods.

The software returns information about alignment error for better analysis and evaluation. Adjustable parameters allow algorithms to be optimally adapted for scanned objects. Unique merging methods combine scans into one mesh without distortions or loss of geometric accuracy.

Data cleaning and preparation
(treatment for further processing steps)

The markers removal tool automatically recognizes and cleans off areas with marker dents.

Various selection tools (circle, rectangle, lasso and cluster) combined with additional methods (select through, frontface or backface only) facilitate an easy scan cleaning process.

Multicolor display mode offers the possibility to change colors of each scan. Now you can organize scans and groups by colors in a straightforward way.


Scan whatever you want with the quality you require

Synergy between the Point Cloud Generator and MultiExposure (HDR) 3D scanning mode allows scanning of dark and shiny objects without the need to conduct surface pre-treatment.

Built-in intelligent decimation within the scan generator provides weighted-loss and accurate data directly from the scanning process.

The new Multi-Point Cloud Generator tool allows simultaneous regeneration of many scans in a single operation.

One ToolKit Box – many ways to use it

Integrated with eviXscan 3D Suite, the ToolKit Box enables the scanning of large-size objects and combining sets of scans taken of the same object from different views. It also increases scanning usability with a rotary table by ensuring auto-alignment between scan groups, simplifying further processing.

The software automatically examines information about detected artifacts and the number of scans in where these artifacts were detected.

If you’d like to find out more about thew new features in eviXscan 3D Suite, contact us and we’ll be happy to go over them in more detail with you.