New accessories for the eviXscan 3d range

New developments for the eviXscan range continue!  Along with the recent news of a brand-new software suite for the range, functionality has been further improved thanks to the addition of some new accessories, too.


Blue light filters

The new eviXscan 3D Suite 2.0 adds some great capability for scanning dark and shiny surfaces.

There are still some instances of high ambient light where this could potentially be challenging though.  In these cases, fitting the optional blue light filters removes the impact of ambient and external light sources, improving performance even further.  Here’s an example of the difference the filters can make:

The filters can be supplied for any Quadro or Optima scanner and can be specified for new units and supplied for existing ones, as well.


Toolkit MAX option


The toolkit box option for the eviXscan 3d range has proved consistently popular.  Containing a range of different targets, it makes scanning quicker and easier.  Now, the MAX version of the toolkit offers an even greater range of targets – an increase of 250%.  This extra flexibility means that larger scanning projects can be conducted more easily and disposable sticker targets need reordering less frequently.

All in, the Toolkit MAX option decreases consumable costs, as well as improving scan efficiency and time.


You can find out more about the eviXscan 3d range here.