Control Your Rotary System with Ergonomic Simplicity

ArcMotion is a user friendly, easy to use controller unit for LabStandard  and mechanical bearing rotary devices.  It allows quick and easy positioning of a unit, requiring minimal training and easy integration.

Key Benefits

  • Simple touchscreen interface
  • Easy text based programming options
  • Allows automatic opation of axis clamping
  • Positional Accuracy of 0.3 arc seconds
  • Integrated e-Stop button
S-GeoInspec pic3
S-GeoInspec pic2

Programable Functions

  • Anngle - Degrees
  • Angle - DMS
  • Velocity
  • Lock/Unlock Table
  • Auto Lock
  • Absolute/Incremental
  • Set/Restore Datum
  • Dwell
  • End Program
  • Table Status
  • Start/End Loop

Technical Specifications

  • Display units:     Decimal degrees, degrees minutes seconds
  • Programming system:    Absolute and incremental
  • Axis clamping:     Optional
  • Positioning Accuracy:     +/- 0.3 arc seconds
  • Resolution:     0.0001 deg / 0.1 arc seconds
  • Homing Sequence:     Yes
  • Home Marker:  Proximity Switch + Encoder Reference
  • Program Capacity: 99 programs w/ 420 steps
  • Storage Capacity:  2GB

(Note - Specifications vary depending upon options specified.  Please view product PDF for more detailed technical data)