An affordable entry into accurate 3D scanning

Heavy Duty Basic is designed for rapid prototyping of simple mechanical parts and handcrafted digitalization.

It's an ideal unit for 3D printing companies, design offices and CNC workshops.

Key Benefits

  • Cost effective introduction to the world of 3D scanning
  • Flexible measurement area
  • Can be used with average specification workstations
  • Light, compact and robust
  • Low power consumption

Typical Applications

HD Basic is ideal for:

  • Reverse engineering simple parts
  • Use with 3D printing
  • Rapid prototyping

If you're in one of these industries, then HD Basic is for you:

  • CNC facilities
  • Design offices
  • 3D printing facilities


  • Light Source:           Blue LED
  • Cameras:                  2x 1.3MPix
  • Accuracy:                  Up to 0.02mm
  • Scanning time:         5 seconds
  • Measuring ranges:   260*210*150mm
  • Point density:            24pt/mm²
  • Export formats:         stl, ply, obj, asc, bin
  • Connections:             2*USB2.0 & HDMI
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