Add value to your metrology system with Quadrant

The Quadrant rotary table range is the world's leading range of metrology grade rotary tables.  With extremely high precision and durability, it is designed to seamlessly integrate with a multitude of metrology systems, including CMMs, tactile measurement systems and scanning systems, enabling more measurement capability and capacity.

Quadrant is based on over 70 years of continual development and innovation from Rotary Precision Instruments, the leader in precision positioning systems for metrology use.  For accuracy and reliability, no other system can match it.

The Benefits of Quadrant

Unbeatable precision

Quadrant rotary tables have exceptionally high accuracy levels, offering angular positioning accuracy as low as 1 arcsecond (0.0003deg) and repeatability as low as +/-0.2arcseconds (0.00006deg).

Because the accuracy and repeatability of Quadrant is so good, it has virtually no contribution to your measurement uncertainty budget.

Quadrant GG

Legendary robustness

The Quadrant range is built on decades of expertise in rotary excellence.  Like all of our rotary products, Quadrant is designed to be used in harsh environments without losing accuracy or performance, making it perfect for shop floor use.

This allows the system to perform just as intended, every time, ensuring customer satisfaction and reduced support overhead.

Flexible range of options

The Quadrant range offers a multitude of options to suit every need.  From small systems up to systems that support loads in excess of 10,000lbs, we've got every scenario covered.

With zero and near-zero backlash drives available, scanning systems can work seamlessly and accurately.

Not sure what the most suitable option is?  We're always happy to talk through options with you, including design of bespoke systems to your needs.

quadrant range

Above: An early Ferranti Merlin CMM fitted with an R Series rotary axis

Unquestionable Heritage

With over 70 years' of innovation in developing and manufacturing rotary products, no company in the world has the experience of RPI.

We've been developing systems to be used and installed on CMMs since the early 1970s, so nearly 50 years' experience of metrology integration comes as standard.

Easy integration

The Quadrant range is designed for you to be able to easily access, integrate, and control.  You can use your own control system to directly interact with the unit, or you can select the optional QuadMotion control module.

The choice is yours, meaning you can customize your system design exactly to requirements.

GeoInspec Main Low Res

The Quadrant Range


Flexible and Low Profile, QuadSlimeLine2 is the global standard for metrology rotary tables, with hundreds of installations worldwide.



QuadDualPurpose2 can operate in either vertical or horizontal orientations making it the flexible choice for a wide range of applications.



QuadProfile is small, lightweight and able to operate at up to 10rpm, making it ideal for scanning and small component measurement.



QuadUniversal is a simple, entry level unit that is easy and cost effective to implement into any metrology system.



QuadMatic is designed to fit directly into a granite base, meaning zero footprint for maximum egonomics.