_DSF7677 - Small

Enhance your scanning experience

We have a wide range of accessories that can help tailor a solution perfectly for your requirements.  See below for more details... All you have to do when you request a quote is check the box for the ones you are interested in!


Rotary Tables

A simple rotary table for easy positioning and scanning of items.  For more advanced rotary products, click here.

Available configurations:

  • 200mm diameter, 20Kg load capacity
  • 600mm diameter, 200Kg load capacity
  • 1000mm diameter, 1000Kg load capacity

Toolkit box

The Toolkit box makes scanning easier by:

  • Faster scanning by reducing the number of markers
  • Multiple use of artefacts for faster and more convenient scanning
  • Various marker sizes to fit different shapes of scanned parts
  • Direct calibration & scanning with a remote control
  • Automatic alignment of all scans in a coordinate system

Included in the toolkit box:

  • Standard markers
  • Unique (coded) markers
  • Remote control
  • Gloves

Column Stand

The column stand makes scanning in production environments easier.

It has a stable construction, with three axis alignment to ensure easy positioning.  It's also equipped with wheels, making transportation of the scanner around a work area much easier.

Stand Trolley

The stand trolley is designed to make moving a scanner around whilst attached to a tripod much easier.  This can be beneficial for production and laboratory environments where there are multiple scanning locations.


Calibration Plate

Calibration plates are supplied in two sizes:  A3 (larger) and A5 (smaller).  Each scanner is supplied with a calibration plate, so these make a handy spare or can be useful if the scanner is being used at multiple locations.

Controller PC

Workstation PCs for use with your 3D scanner can be supplied in both desktop and laptop format, depending upon your usage environment.


You can select accessories for each scanner type when you request a quote in each product page.  Alternatively, contact us if you'd like any additional information.