RPI's long history includes a number of acquisitions and product names.

This includes rotary products made under the names Eimeldingen, Airmatic, Horstmann, and OMT.

If you have rotary products manufactured under any of these names and need assistance, we can help you!  Some of the most popular products under these names include:

  • R Series
  • DP Series
  • W Series
  • V Series
  • HX Series
  • W Series
  • MX Series
  • AB Series
  • AP Series
  • Exact 100

If you own any of these products, we can help you increase their lifecycle and continue using them on the shop floor or lab.  Some of the services we offer include:


All of these rotary products have the same supreme performance and reliability that RPI products are known for, meaning that they have been in regular use for many years.  Over that time, technology and features move on, meaning that more capability and performance is added over time.  We can take existing units and refurbish them to an as new standard to add extra features such as:

  • Enhcnaed measurement capability
  • Improved accuracy
  • Updated interface


iMAP interface


It's important that, like all precision devices, your rotary table or measurement system is regularly calibrated.  We can help you by either conducting this service for you or helping you develop a calibration strategy.

Servicing and Repair

As with all shop floor equipment, regular servicing is recommended for optimal performance.  This can be conducted on an ad hoc basis or as part of an annual plan.

If your product requires repair, we can also help with this.  Just contact us and we will be happy to help.


How to obtain service and support for an Eimeldingen, Airmatic, Horstmann, OMT or RPI product

If you have one of the above products and require assistance with it, please contact us.  Alternatively you can contact the manufacturer, RPI, here, and they will also be delighted to help you. We're here to help!

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