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Scanning done the easy way

In the current climate, onsite scanning may be an option that doesn't make sense for your business.  If that is the case, our offsite scanning service may be the option you're looking for.  Perhaps you have visitor restrictions at your facility right now - or your staff travel is currently locked down.  It could be that a smaller onsite workforce is restricting your ability to conduct the scanning work you require.

Whatever the case, our offsite scanning option is designed to enable you to get the data you require without compromising your safety, security or workload.


No human contact necessary

Our offsite scanning solution offers maximum flexibility.  Depending on your needs, we can collect your part from you for scanning, you can use your nominated carrier, or you can drop it directly to our facility.

That means if your current procedures reccomend or require no outside travel or visitors, not a problem!

Data available in a range of formats

Using the Geomagic suite of software, we offer data in a wide range of formats.  From simple point cloud data through to full CAD model, we can provide whatever your requirements are.


No-touch scanning for peace of mind

Structured light scanning is an inherently contact free process.  Not only is that beneficial in terms of current public health recommendations, it also means you can be that fragile and soft parts are kept in pristine condition whilst ensuring excellent scanning performance.

What next?

If you'd like a quote or pricing information for our scanning services, simply click the Quote button below. If you'd like to know more details about the process, or about Wyvern, just clict Contact Us and we'll be happy to talk!