GeoSpin – we’ve got all bases covered

iMAP is widely regarded as the best system of its kind in the world for large turbine components.  iMAP can quickly and accurately measure circular geometry features such as eccentricity, runout, roundness, and parallelism on the shop floor.

With the ability to measure parts of up to 77,000lbs whilst returning R&R figures up to 10 times better than manual systems, its capabilities are one of a kind.  That means for power turbines, large jet engines and components, we’ve got you covered.

iMAP is GeoSpin’s big brother

But what if you’re building something smaller, like a smaller generator unit, an engine for a commuter aircraft, or large transmission components?  You could use an iMAP and it would work great – but you might not need something with such a large capacity.

Good news then! GeoSpin incorporates the features of the world leading iMAP into a smaller footprint for these applications.

GeoSpin – iMAP’s capabilities in a smaller package

Designed for parts of up to 1,500mm diameter and 3,500lbs in weight, GeoSpin has all the capability and performance of iMAP in a smaller footprint unit.

That means great performance, a familiar user interface, even the option to include IntelliStack predictive stacking software.  The features of the world’s best circular geometry are now available to everyone with GeoSpin.

If you’d like to know more about GeoSpin, click here.  You can also contact us with any of the methods here.  We’re always delighted to hear from you!