Web Seminar – Measuring Surface Tension and Surfactants

SITA will be running another of their highly informative web seminars on Thursday, June 10.  The seminar covers surface tension measurement and surfactants and is free of charge to attend.

If you work with cleaning or plating processes, or with paints and adhesives, be sure to sign up and learn more from the leading company in surface tension measurement.

The event will be held on Thursday June 10 at 11am EST and will run for 90 minutes.

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Alternatively, you can also view via YouTube by visiting here.

Content Overview

Understanding surfactants:

Scientific background of effects of surface-active liquids

Measuring surfactants:

Tensiometers and the bubble pressure method for measuring dynamic surface tension

Practical application examples:

  • Quality control for part cleaning, electroplating industry, inkjet printing, semi-conductor technology, etc.
  • R&D for product formulation and quality control, i.e. for surfactant-containing liquids and coating materials

Hands-on training and support:

SITA Tensiometers for shop floor processes and laboratory use


Live chat with our application experts


The dynamic surface tension of a liquid is an important process parameter in many wet chemical processes and represents a decisive quality criteria in product formulations. In order to adjust and control it, SITA bubble pressure tensiometers have been used globally for many years.

In the online seminar, application experts André Lohse and Tilo Zachmann introduce dynamic surface tension and its measurement, explain the different SITA tensiometers and present their use for many different industrial and laboratory applications, from cleaning and electroplating processes to coatings, paints and adhesives.

What has to be considered during the measurement? How are samples to be handled? What do the results mean? With the help of illustrative examples, we will explain how parameters are determined in preliminary tests and how the curves and measured values obtained are interpreted. And of course we give an insight into the SITA-ProcessLog and SITA-LabSolution software packages.

SITA's range of instruments are leaders in enabling technical cleanliness checks on the shop floor and in the laboratory quickly, easily, and accessibly.

You can find out more about the range here: https://wyvernamerica.com/products/technical-cleanliness/