Setting the Diamond Standard. How i72 enables class leading rotary calibration

When it comes to rotary calibration, i72 sets the standard.  Designed with 75 years of engineering heritage behind it, the system delivers class leading performance.  To be specific, it offers accuracy of 0.5 arcseconds (0.0001 deg) with a repeatability of 0.2 arcseconds (0.00005 deg).  That means it can perform even the most demanding of calibration tasks.

How does it work?

The i72 is an indexing unit that can position itself in 5 degree increments.  This allows equipment that rotates, such as lathes, multi axis maxchines and rotary tables, to be checked extremely accurately for errors.

The unit is programed to move to set positions within these increments and move back into position again.  The variation shown from the controlling device in this period of movement shows the error in the rotary device being calibrated.

An autocollimator or laser interferometer, which can accurately measure a change in position is generally used with i72.  The level of error in the rotary system being calibrated is then determined.  Compensation can subsequently be calculated from this.

It’s easy to mount thanks to its compact form factor.  Better yet, it can be mounted in any position – horizontally, vertically… even upside down.

i72 can be mounted in multiple positions for greater flexibility

When you’re calibrating, accuracy and repeatability are king

The class leading accuracy of i72 is key when you’re dealing with precision equipment.  The more accurately you can calibrate, the better you can expect your equipment to perform.  When you’re dealing with tight tolerances, high performance equipment becomes even more important.

Having 72 indexable positions is also beneficial.  This is nigh on impossible with other calibration methods such as using an optical polygon.  Further, by using a device such as an autocollimator, you’re assured that each time you return to position you’ll be in the same position of the optics.  Performance is improved, once again.

i72’s flexibility allows it to work with a huge array of axial equipment

The proof is in the pudding

i72 is used extensively across the world by customers who need to accurately calibrated all manner of processes that use a rotational axis of some kind.  Its proven performance benefits processes globally every day.

There is one ultimate endorsement that goes beyond this:  As a world leader in rotary performance, not only do RPI manufacture the product, but they also use it themselves when building their rotary systems.  That speaks volumes!


You can find out more about i72 here.  We’re always happy to talk to you about the benefits of our precision rotary products.  Come talk to us today if you’d like to know more.