A brief overview of the TruMotion range

TruMotion is an extremely accurate system for measuring runout (TIR) on the shop floor.  Every shop floor is different, though, so the range is designed for you to specify a configuration that will do exactly what you need.

Here is a run down of the product range and its options.

The Basics

Let’s talk performance.  No matter what the configuration of TruMotion you require, you’ll benefit from the same high level of accuracy and shop floor performance.

Rotational Performance

The headline performance figures are as detailed in this table for all models:

Maximum Part Size

The table top diameter for all models is 200mm (~8").  This means, depending upon your selection of centering tooling, a maximum measurable part diameter of 400mm (~16"), with a maximum measurable part height of 220mm (~9").

Why is this the maximum part size?

Simply put, it is because of the limit of the articulated arm/arms that hold the probes.  Any larger and the part would clash with the arm which would make measurement impossible.  The table itself can potentially hold larger parts, but not whilst also measuring in its supplied configuration.  If you think you’re likely to encounter that kind of scenario get in touch with us and we can talk through solutions.

Range Rundown

There’s three primary configurations available for the range.  They’re as follows:

TruMotion Essential

TruMotion Essential
TruMotion Essential is an ideal entry point to shop floor TIR inspection

This is the entry level TruMotion configuration.  It consists of the TruMotion rotary table unit along with an articulated arm and one lever probe with a manual gauge.  This is the ideal option for quick, simple, and inexpensive shop floor checks. The table top is supplied with a drilled and tapped hole pattern that enables you to use whatever tooling you like to center your parts to the table.

TruMotion Dual

TruMotion Dual introduces a second articulated arm and probe

TruMotion Dual offers a few benefits over the Essential.  The most notable is that it also includes two articulated arms and probes.  That means you can check runout in two different locations simultaneously.  This is ideal for situations where you might want to compare runout conditions visually in two positions at once.

TruMotion centering fixture
The supplied centering fixture makes part positioning extremely quick and easy

In addition to this, the unit is supplied with a centering fixture to help quickly and easily position parts on the table.  The fixture is deigned in a “V” configuration meaning you position the part against the edge of it to ensure that it’s centered.  The fixture can be attached to the inner or outer holes of the table top enabling a large range of part sizes to be measured.

TruMotion Select

TruMotion select introduces advanced datalogging to the range

If you need to permanently record measurement data for reports or traceability, TruMotion Select is the ideal option.  In addition to dual channel measuring, it records the information via an easy to use digital touchscreen system with USB output.

TruMotion Centering Chuck
The TruMotion centering chuck makes securing parts on the table very easy and extremely repeatable

Part centering is taken a step further with this system, with an auto centering chuck provided.  The chuck allows you to securely position parts up to 100mm (4”) in diameter with its three clamping jaws.  This can be especially useful if a part is top heavy or prone to movement during measurement.

Can I add extra options to a system?

Absolutely!  One great thing about the TruMotion’s modular design is that it enables virtually any combination of options to be used to fulfil your requirements.  If you need multiple tooling options, no problem.  If you want to start with an entry level configuration and upgrade later, you can do so whenever you’re ready.

I already have a TruMotion.  Can I add any of these existing features?

You certainly can, and the good news is that in almost all cases you can fit the parts yourself without any need to return equipment to us.


The product lineup of the TruMotion range is more diverse and flexible than ever.  If you’d like to know more about any of these features, get in touch today and we’ll be happy to provide further info.