Precision shop floor and laboratory positioning and indexing

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Certainty beats uncertainty

Performing angular and rotary calibrations and sensor checks has a unique set of challenges. If your process isn't fit for purpose, you might be familar with some of these issues:

  • Uncertainty and repeatability issues that can potentially compromise your results
  • A lack of automation and programmability that requires excessive manual intervention
  • Insufficient robustness in equipment leading to excessive and unacceptable downtime
  • An operation that doesn't offer the level of scalability that would be optimal


Select a solution that provides automation, durability and precision

The positioning and indexing range of products is designed to perform their task accurately and reliably. The wide range offers solutions that can be configured to operate automatically, and offers a wide range of payload options meaning that anything from small artefacts to multiple sensor configurations can be tested and calibrated.


labstandard accuracy

Benefits of the RPI range

Precision in all we do

Calibrations and tests run smoothly with the range. Angular accuracies as good as 0.5 arcseconds and angular repeatability as good as 0.2 arcseconds means that measurement uncertainty contribution is small enough to be ignored.

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Shop floor design as standard

It goes without saying that we supply shop floor suitable items.  But did you know that goes for all our entire rotary range?  Every product we make is designed for the rigours of shop floor use.  Whether you intend to operate in the lab or the shop floor, you can expect the same high level of performance.

Large Range of Options

The range offers devices that operate in multiple orientations, have multiple programming options and support many tooling and mounting configurations meaning that your solution can be designed to work in exactly the way you need it to.

GeoOrdinate Axia Control
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Loads from small to large

No other company offers such a wide range of payloads on their products.  From 1lb to over 50,000lbs, we’ve a product that suits your needs.  All our products, no matter their design capacity contain the same inherent DNA of ruggedness and accuracy.

Innovation is a cornerstone of our actions

With the purpose statement “Rotational Innovation” it is no surprise that RPI are continually looking for innovative ways to improve everything about the range.  That means improving performance, improving ergonomics, and improving design.  It also means a company that values and encourages customer feedback.

Your requirements are what drive our development.

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Unquestionable Heritage

With over 70 years of innovation in developing and manufacturing rotary products, no company in the world has the experience of RPI.

With every iteration of our products, we have continued to improve, increasing accuracy, performance, and capability.

Few companies have this level of heritage and experience – and that is engrained in the essence of the entire product range.

Used by major OEMs globally

The exceptional performance of our positioning and measurement systems is well regarded across the world.  In fact, it is an accepted standard in many major OEMs globally.

That means you can be sure of a product that is both well regarded and well suited to performing in the most demanding of environments.


To find out more about the range, choose one of the products listed below.


The rotary table with exceptional performance and proven design as standard


Precision dual axis tilting rotary table


Labstandard is a small footprint system that delivers big results with sub arc second repeatability

AP Series

Direct drive and high precision air bearings for ultra high performance

Legacy Units

Click here if you have a legacy unit that requires support or assistance


The angular encoder system that operates in multiple orientations to deliver phenomenal results


Program, position and integrate quickly, easily and intuitively

Unfamiliar with any of the terms used in the product descriptions?  Refer to our handy glossary for help!


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