Rotary products that deliver results

With thousands of installations worldwide, you can be sure of performance, reliability and quality.  75 years of engineering heritage underpin their design, ensuring RPI rotary products are proven systems the world over.

Unparallelled performance for the tighest of tolerances

With rotational repeatability of up to 0.5 arc seconds (0.0001 degrees), our systems have performance that matches the needs of the most complex of tasks.

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Wyvern supplies, supports, maintains and installs the world leading RPI range of rotary metrology products across North America.  Click in an icon below to find out more about a product or find out more about the industries we serve here.


iMap - the ultimate circular geometry inspection system for turbines


Accessible and affordable circular geometry inspection for turbines



Program, position and integrate quickly, easily and intuitively


Quadrant is the market leading range of rotary devices for CMM integration


Labstandard is a small footprint system that delivers big results with sub arc second repeatability

Legacy Units

Click here if you have a legacy unit that requires support or assistance


GeoSpin offers the same leading performance of iMAP for smaller components


The rotary table with exceptional performance and proven design as standard


The angular encoder system that delivers phenomenal results

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